Valentine 's Day in Italy


By tradition, on this day, February 14, on the streets of Italy, there is a cluster of loving, inspired and romantic couples with gifts in their hands and smiles on their faces. Do they celebrate Valentine's Day in Italy?

Of course, the traditions of celebrating Valentine's Day have changed a bit lately. Initially, Valentine's Day on the Apennine Peninsula was considered a holiday of spring. That is why most of the festivities were held outdoors, on the seashore or just walking along the ancient streets of Italian cities.

The mild and favorable climate of Italy allowed residents to walk in the gardens to listen to music together or just talk and dream.

But in Turino, for example, young lovers like to please their parents about their decision to get married on this very day. The Italians also did not do without beliefs: the girls firmly believed that the first man they met that day would be their betrothed. And so the young girls did not sleep well on the night of February 13-14: from the very morning they looked out into the street, impatiently awaiting their fate.