What are the duties of a realtor in Italy?

For those who once encountered realtors in Russia, this article will be a discovery for you. In Italy it's different!

Here, one agent can represent both the Buyer and the Seller. And he must be equally loyal to both sides!))

So, the task of the Agent is to carry out the transaction from beginning to end, bypassing and bypassing all obstacles and "hidden traps", to be literate and understand the country's legislation, as well as to have knowledge in Italian housing construction.

The agent is obliged to study the documents himself, show them to the notary, and only then, if there are no encumbrances, risks, continue communication with the parties on the object.

From my practice: I, as a realtor, will definitely prompt my clients, give practical advice on the object: is it worth moving on or is it better to forget about this room and, of course, I will offer other options if necessary.

An important point: we register the contract with the tax office! This is a guarantee against double-triple resales of real estate. You can do the procedure yourself, but the Agent will do it professionally for both parties!

According to the Italian Civil Code, the work of a realtor ends after the signing of the Preliminary Agreement - that is, before the conclusion of the transaction and the transfer of ownership. At this point, the Italian realtor is entitled to receive a commission.

Do you think it's wrong? But the further does not depend on the agent, if they decide to limit themselves at this stage. But the Party, protected by the competent actions of the agent, can be calm about future real estate.

How do I work? I bring the transaction to the point of concluding a contract of sale. I have a huge real estate search database throughout Italy, France and Monaco, I can offer any option for selling real estate

I am often asked: "What is a preliminary contract?" I will talk about this in the next article.

If you have any questions, write, I will answer!