About the most important thing in the life of Italians - food!

A super article about the most important thing in life is food! What must be eaten in Italy? This time let's talk about Ligurian cuisine ⠀

Italian cuisine is considered one of the best in the world, but you need to know what exactly to order in local restaurants, so as not to be disappointed (or God forbid to lose weight :)) ⠀

It is difficult to describe all the dishes in one article, you will have to return to this topic. What is the most delicious in my opinion))) I live by the sea and therefore we eat everything raw here: oysters, fish and the famous red local Sanremov shrimps. Horse meat, tuna and salmon tar tar mmm…. ⠀

I am silent about pasta with fresh mushrooms and garlic sauce Pasta tastes best when restaurants make it themselves and with Pesto Genovese sauce !!! ⠀

Risotto - a rice dish with seafood - is often ordered by both Italians and guests. ⠀

Have you tried octopus in different variations, for example, grilled, marinated fresh and boiled. Nothing tastier in Mediterranean cuisine has yet been invented, say locals and guests in Italy. ⠀

And eggplant baked with tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan - you will lick your fingers! ⠀

And pizza - real pizza is cooked on charcoal, You can talk about it for a long time))) ⠀

And what about desserts?))) It is worth trying Tortuffa - a divine delicious ball of ice cream with chocolate inside or Granita - crushed ice with sugar syrup of different colors and flavors.

Everyone knows about Tiramissa, but you only need to try in Italy!

Our local wine is Vermentino or Pegato (white). Quenches thirst in summer and goes well with all fish dishes. Or you can do without them)

What are your favorite Italian dishes? What delicious food did you eat?