Interesting points: residence permit in Italy and the integration agreement  


Many believe that buying a property in Italy is the easiest way to obtain a residence permit. I hasten to disappoint - the purchase of real estate gives you the right to obtain a C visa, according to which you can come to Italy for up to 3 months within six months.

A frequent question - is it possible to travel around the country while waiting for a residence permit in Italy?

Yes of course! You can enjoy the beauty of Italy and neighboring countries, if you have a receipt from the post office in your pocket, according to which you sent a request for renewal of a residence permit, and, of course, your passport must be in order and always with you.

And one more point - about the 2012 integration agreement.

What is this document? According to the integration agreement, a foreigner of 16 years and older, applying for a residence permit for the first time and not living in the European Union, agrees that he must learn the state language of the initial level, read the Constitution, get acquainted with the principles of state power, the system of medical care, education and social life.

While the immigrant is in Italy, he will be awarded points: for vocational training, having a business, studying the Italian language, attending special courses, for behavior, level of education, purchasing real estate, having a family doctor.

And then, at the end of 30 days of this agreement, points are calculated: if they scored more than 30 points, the agreement is considered fulfilled. If less than 30 points, they are extended for another two years.

If it's really bad, they are expelled from the country and, naturally, you can forget about obtaining a residence permit. There is a reservation - deportation is not considered if we are talking about a residence permit associated with family reunification, education, long-term residence permit, to refugees and family members of EU citizens.

If you have any questions about a residence permit in Italy, write, I will definitely answer.