About the cost of real estate in Italy

Where is the good value for real estate now? Do you know? Easy to guess, because my blog is about Italy! Yes, right here! And now for another rhetorical question. Why? Research has been carried out, which has shown that Italy now has excellent property prices. So stop dreaming, choose)!

And now about taxes in language, when your accountant is on vacation.

If this is your first home - 4% of the appraised value of the property. But you cannot sell for 5 years. Otherwise, the loss of all benefits. If this is your second home - then 10% of the cost of housing.

The next question from my clients: how much will I pay for the communal apartment? Here the answer will depend on the size of the house (apartment), infrastructure (security, parking, swimming pool) and the region. Very roughly 500-5000 euros per year.

By region. The most affordable option in Calabria. Most expensive Tuscany and Abruzzo (but worth it).

And how much taxes a non-resident pays - ask me when you have already picked up your dream home.

The answer is: from 23% to 43% But, what is important, income tax applies to profits received only in Italy, and between Russia and Italy there is a law on the avoidance of double taxation. Great news, right?

Go ahead. If you rent out a property in Italy, there will be a tax on rental income, minus the maintenance and repair of the property.

Of course, I always talk about additional costs for a notary, 1-3% of the cost of the purchased object and the work of a realtor.

Didn't reveal the topic of donation and inheritance. If interested, I'll tell you.