How much is life in Italy? We calculate the budget: what we pay for

What pulls millions of people to Italy? These are landscapes, gentle sea with its unforgettable sunsets, mountain peaks and medieval streets of cities. Delicious cuisine, positive, which the country gives.

This is one continuous holiday for tourists. And how do Italians live, what are the expenses of the budget of an ordinary citizen of Italy? Let's go over the prices without getting into their pants pocket)))

Daily bread costs - food prices.

As I wrote earlier, for an Italian, the most favorite topic for communication is food and prices. There are a lot of shops in Italy, here, as in many countries of the world, the ubiquitous food chains feed the inhabitants: Auchan, Metro, Tosano, COOP and many others. Their prices are cheaper than on the market, but in terms of freshness and usefulness, they are undoubtedly inferior. On the market, prices for cheeses, fruits and other products depend on how you bargain)))

According to statistics, the average family of three spends about 150 euros per week on groceries. But this is very approximate and depends on the wealth of the family and their appetite.

To drink coffee in a cafe or restaurant, prices vary depending on the region, city, location in the city itself: from 50 to 2 euros.

Eating with a family in an Italian cafe or restaurant on a check will also depend on the location and appetite. The spread in the check will be from 20 to 150 euros.

Clothing costs

It is clear that it is more expensive to dress in Milan than in small branded discount centers in other cities. To buy a new product is more expensive than a similar item in mono-brand discount centers. But in the multi-brand outlets themselves, the same brands are divided by price segments.

Therefore, as they say, everything is within your pocket.