Italians and home: how priorities for choosing a home have changed during the pandemic. Part two

With the pandemic and lockdowns, Italians began to look at their home from a different angle. More and more Italians intend to move into their home soon. What priorities are important when choosing a home?

Playing sports on the territory of the house or near the house

The proportion of those who are converting their home into a space suitable for sports is increasing more and more. Over the past two years, the percentage of people who played sports at home has doubled. In terms of future prospects, in this case, the alternation of home / gym is chosen by 1 Italian out of 2, while exclusive training in the gym remains undeniable for half of the sports fans.

Home gardens: a boom in condominiums in big cities

Unable to immerse themselves in the green areas outside the big cities and forced to restrict travel, last year Italians rediscovered their passion for green space, not only for decorative purposes, but also as home gardens. In fact, 2 out of 5 houses now grow vegetables, fruits or herbs. If earlier those who were mainly engaged in gardening were those who lived in private houses in provincial towns, now there is a boom in condominiums in large cities.

Home as the center of Italians' life

In general, the home for Italians has acquired a new value, becoming a true center of life. Italians have discovered different, and in some cases new, uses of spaces in the home, enhanced the potential of their home, and experienced the pleasure of caring for the home. So on a social level, Italians have come to love spending more time with their family.

Finally, the Italians, pushed by the need to carry out most of their activities remotely, realized how important it is to have a good internet signal.

Interactive house

In addition to the importance and ability to rely on a stable and fast internet connection capable of meeting the ever new needs of remote living, the relationship between Italians and technology has changed over the past year. More than half of Italy's residents are satisfied with the quality of the Internet, especially since technologies are no longer perceived as superfluous, but, on the contrary, as a useful and accessible service. On the other hand, much remains to be done to ensure that Italians are confident in the security of managing their confidential data online, a topic that is still relevant today.

For Italians, technology is very important in many home maintenance tasks. Technology helps to make the home more comfortable and easier to manage in general and safer, and also helps to avoid many domestic accidents. Finally, according to Italians, the use of technological devices helps to save money in home management.