Let's go to the doll museum!


Aren't you afraid of puppet museums? This is where the collection of dolls is shown)))

And I somehow feel uneasy. It seems that they are about to come to life and begin to dance around you here!))) The museum, about which I want to tell more for little girls and already adults.

Near Milan, in the Bolrromeo castle, there is an interesting doll museum of the princess family Bona Borromeo Arese. As many as 12 rooms of the castle have been given for a thousand dolls in luxurious outfits with pretty and not so pretty faces. This is mainly a private collection of the family. Dolls were bought at the antique markets of Italy, France, Germany. Others donated to the museum. The exposition is arranged in chronological order, which allows tracing the evolution of the dolls.

The wax dolls did not make a very pleasant impression on me. Some of them can be easily filmed in horror films!)) The rest pleased with the richness of their outfits, skillful embroidery. Showcases showcase every girl's dream - sets of dishes, furniture and outfits. The collection of the museum is recognized as one of the largest in Europe and deserves attention.

In addition to the museum, there are other halls in the fortress, a collection of faience. Here, even 3 hours are not enough to see everything!)))