Ancona region in Italy

The Ancona region, located in the heart of Italy's Adriatic coast, is the only major port in its capital, the Marche.

The climate in the region is serious - there is a significant difference between winter and summer: in winter it is rather cold and frosty, and in summer they escape from the heat on wonderful sandy beaches

The towns in the region are small but beautiful and each of them contains its own unique architecture and history.

The Marche produces various types of pecorino and ricotta. Meat delicacies are also made in the region: Salame di Fabriano, Prosciutto di Montefeltro. And also olives are grown in Ancona, which are then stuffed with meat mixed with egg and parmesan, and deep-fried. The Marche is known for the white wine Verdicchio del Castelli di Jesi with a strong aroma and slightly bitter taste, which is produced in amphora-shaped bottles. Local white wine Bianchello del Metauro is worth trying.

The cuisine of the Marche Coast is rich in seafood. Of the dishes, Brodetto stands out - a thick fish soup made from at least 13 types of fish. In the interior of the region, they eat tagliatelle and other homemade egg paste.

White truffles are especially appreciated by gourmets, dishes with the addition of grated truffles are presented in the “haute cuisine” menu. In winter, the less valuable black truffles are widespread, however, and they are often hunted by both tourists and Italians themselves.