Italy: real estate of the future, what will it be?

The pandemic has shown that the level of income of the population has decreased throughout the world, and the demand and demand for more affordable housing has increased. But do not dream that developers would significantly reduce prices. But you can analyze the secondary market, and you will surely find dumping offers there.

As practice shows, real estate construction will continue anyway, only with reduced turnovers. Therefore, there will be proposals for elite housing and more economical options. In the future, we should expect the construction of a budget housing stock: with a rough finish, smaller squares with a minimum of infrastructure.

But, it is clear that the level and percentage of construction of more expensive and budgetary real estate in different regions of Italy is not the same. This is influenced by the cost of living in the region, the level of income of the population. In those places where people with a higher level of income rush, the construction of budget real estate is not profitable. And, conversely, where the middle class lives, the construction of elite housing there is not entirely appropriate.

During the pandemic, people began to think about remote control of their home. "Smart home" is no longer kitsch, but a necessity! Managing a house a thousand kilometers away is convenient and necessary when borders are closed and there are red and orange zones.

And also, in connection with the development of technologies in construction, developers are interested in reducing the cost for the buyer. Many facilities under construction provide for an automated registration system, special systems for space disinfection, and much more.

Land in Italy is expensive, so construction is in demand, where it is allowed for high-rise buildings, with a developed infrastructure, in proportion to population growth. Therefore, there will be a demand for detached houses with their own plot of land, swimming pool, and personal space.

These are my general views on the real estate market in the present and, getting a little ahead of myself. Everything flows. Everything is changing, hopefully for the better. We are optimists!