Where to live in Italy with luxury

I advise you to consider the option on the island of Capri. It is located in southern Italy in the Tyrrhenian Sea. A very long time ago, millions of years ago, along with other Italian islands, it broke away from the Sorrento Peninsula. On the island you will be offered an amazing not only rest, but also accommodation. Capri fell in love with both ordinary Italians and famous people.

The island is interesting for its natural and historical sights. Be sure to visit the azure cave on the white rock. From here, be sure to take a boat ride. Where to swim? Here is the most popular and beautiful place for swimming - Marina Piccola beach.

People come to Capri not only to see historical monuments, but also for shopping: there is something to buy in elite stores, and then sit over a cup of coffee in cafes, which are in abundance here. And I advise girls and women to visit the Carthusia company, the most famous place for the production of perfumes.

And what about real estate? There are very interesting options for houses, villas and apartments, they are waiting for you.