Campania and the island of Ischia in Italy

Who has not just spoken or written about Italy! Only lazy! There really are no indifferent people, and there cannot be! "

Nobody argues that Italy is the best country to travel in the world! But some even seriously say that this is the place where you want to live and die to the sound of the surf!)))

Although Italy is not so big on the world map, there are places in it where most of the planet strives for beauty and the sea, landscapes and history.

More specifically, many will tell me that the island of Ischia is the heart of Italy. This is such an amazing place, where the tomatoes are the most ripe, the mozzarella is the most tender. And the pizza is so Italian - perfecto!

There is a legend in the Italian air that during the battle with the Giants, Jupiter threw a huge piece of rock at Typhon. The goddess Venus, in a purely feminine way, changed the trajectory of the flight of the rock, and she fell into the waters of the bay. This is how the island of Venus, a lover of beautiful places, appeared. The goddess decided to make the island special by planting beautiful plants and populating it with birds and animals.

The island of Ischia is all saturated with the smells of lemons, which grow here in endless quantities. The air is dried by the Tyrrhenian Sea and warmed by the hot Italian sun. There is everything here and even a volcano, although long extinct.

But that's not all the delights of Ischia! People come here to soak up the thermal springs and listen to neopolitan songs in small home-style cozy family restaurants.

What is being brought to the memory of this island? The suitcase is filled with painted ceramics with local patterns, all kinds of lemon drinks.

What to see on the island? Walk around Argonne Castle Rebuilt in the Middle Ages from an ancient fortress founded in 474 BC. by the local tyrant Hieron of Syracuse.

Ischia is a simple and intimate place. here you can take a break from noisy cities, retire with good food and gentle sea. If you visit Ischia at least once, it will never let go, settling in your heart forever.

Ischia is a real magnet and don't resist its attraction!