Catholic Christmas is one of the most beloved holidays of Italians

During this period, the weather in Italy resembles autumn. The temperature usually does not drop below + 10 ° C, and the biggest nuisance can be light rain, snow falls very, very rarely. In most cases, there will be enough jackets, which in Italy are considered autumn. And it happens that at Christmas it can even be hot: on a sunny day, the air can warm up to + 20 ° C.

A festive procession along the main streets and squares of the capital and other major cities is a traditional celebration of the New Year in Italy. Processions take place in Piazza Navona, Spain with the famous staircase, Travestere and many others.

On such days, thousand-year-old monuments are decorated with illumination, as well as fountains in combination with magnificent fireworks.

New Year's Eve is called here Capodanno ("head of the year"), or "St. Sylvester's supper". It is believed that 13 dishes on the table at the same time will bring good luck. The menu is dominated by dishes made from seafood: fish, shellfish and caviar.

Italians believe that having met the new year in red lingerie))) will bring good luck. Therefore, it is the most popular gift in Italy.