Property in Menton

Menton (city of art), in the XII century became a feudal Signoria, where the Genoese surname Vento seized power. In 1346 it fell under the control of the Grimaldi family, and in 1848 it became French territory when the principality of Monaco ceded it to Napoleon III.

A famous winter climatic resort for wealthy and noble Europeans, during the First World War, Menton turned its luxury hotels into military hospitals. At the beginning of the last century, a small Russian Orthodox church appeared here. The city hosts many cultural events - music, theater and dance. The Casino also operates.

A very mild and favorable climate has contributed to the creation of numerous gardens, public and private among which - Villa Maria Serena, Gardens de la Madon, Dovecote Garden and Lemon Grove - in the latter there are more than 200 long-lived olive trees and an incredibly diverse variety of cedars, oranges, lemons and clementines.