Italians and their love of food))

Italians are crazy about food! And as far as possible, they absorb it in company with friends and numerous relatives. You, for sure, have been to Italy and more than once noticed a noisy company in a cafe that has been sitting at the table for more than one hour, loudly discussing and gesturing?

I read somewhere that the very word "company" is a combination of two Italian words: "con" ("s") and "pane" ("bread"), that is, in a free translation, "the breaking of bread."

This is "breaking bread" in Italian - these are strict rules))) Even in spite of the seemingly common thing, the dishes are served according to the established order.

First there are “antipasti” (“appetizers”), then the first course (“primo”) is pasta and rice dishes; then the second course ("secondo") - meat or fish with a garnish ("contorno") of vegetables; then cheese and finally a dessert ("dolce") that completes the espresso coffee. The meal can last from two to five hours.

After dinner, Italians are not averse to taking an hour or two nap to recover before dinner. And so everything is in a regular circle)))!

Do you know what are the favorite dishes of Italians? I will write about this next time!)))