Italy intends to put up for sale the most expensive villa in the country


In the center of Rome rises the Villa Aurora, known to many as the Casino dell'Aurora de Villa Ludovisi, this is a Renaissance palace. Built in 1570, the villa has since had a large number of renowned owners, from Galileo Galilei to Annie Leibovitz.

The property is currently valued at 471 million euros.

Do you know why it is worth such fabulous money? This historic villa "Aurora" keeps in its interiors the only fresco in the world, painted by Caravaggio. This painting alone was estimated at more than 300 million euros.

But that's not all. This is not just a house to live, but a real museum: in the garden of the 17th century there are sculptures by Michelangelo and Pomarancio.

Why is it for sale? As always, the heirs could not agree! This villa has been owned by the aristocratic Ludovisi family for over 400 years. After the death of the last owner, Prince Niccolo Boncompagni, Ludovisi decided to put the property up for sale in 2018.

Since the villa is currently under the protection of the Italian Ministry of Culture, the country does not allow reconstruction or demolition of the building.

Rumor has it that about 13 million euros will need to be spent on the restoration. Maybe the state will buy out the object?