Real estate in Como

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Como is a province of Italy located in the north of Lombardy. The capital and administrative center is the city of Como. There are few cities with a large population in the province. The largest settlements are considered: Cantu, Erba and Oljate-Comasco.
The province is home to the Bergama Alps, as well as several large peaks. The most important and popular body of water here is the glacial Lake Como. It is not only a delightful landscape of a beautiful lake, but also the source of many springs and streams in Como.

According to the latest excavations, Neanderthals lived in this area about 60,000 years ago.
In the province, you should definitely see the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore, which was built back in 1399. Equally beautiful are the Church of Sant'Abbondio, San Fedele and the Broletto Palace. On the funicular, you can climb Mount Brunate, where you can enjoy the magnificent scenery and nature to its fullest.
For those who do not want to leave such a wonderful place, you can find comfortable and beautiful real estate in classic Italian styles.

The province is famous for its famous resident Alessandro Volta, who created the first electric battery in 1800.