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The province of Agrigento is located on the island of Sicily in Italy. The capital of the region is the city of Agrigento. The city is located on the site of the more ancient village of Akragas, after which many churches, cathedrals and other historical sights remain.
The first human settlements began to appear here as early as the sixth century BC. The first inhabitants of the province were Greek colonialists. Over its long history, the area has changed many names, until in 1927 it began to officially be called Agrigento. The real estate market in the province is very well developed, as many are attracted by the beautiful scenery and clean sea air.
A sense of the antiquity of history hovers even in the air itself. There are many monuments and architectural attractions on the territory of the province. The most popular places are the Valley of the Temples, where there are antique buildings of the 5th century BC, the Abbey of the Holy Spirit, the churches of St. Mary and St. Lorenzo.
The Valley of the Temples is best visited in the evening during sunset, when the sun's rays descend on the ancient temples of Zeus and Hercules, painting them in vibrant colors.