Real estate in Caltanissetta

Real estate for sale: houses, apartments, villas in Caltanissetta.

The province of Caltanissetta is located in the central part of the island of Sicily. It is best known for its sulfur deposits and small spa centers. Also in the province, you should definitely visit the "Salt of Sicily" - small villages and farms, with their unique local dishes and rituals.
The capital of the province is the city of Caltanissetta, in which most of the buildings are made in the Baroque style. The city is located on a high hill that reaches 600 meters above sea level. Translated from Italian, the name of the province can be translated as "female castle".
The provincial capital is very cozy and inviting. Local people are very pleasant and friendly, and the atmosphere in the city, however, as in the whole of Sicily, is very spontaneous.
The most important landmarks of the region are buildings that were erected during the Renaissance: the Cathedral, the Pietrarossa Castle, the Church of St. Agatha and others. Representatives of such noble Italian and Spanish families as Medici and Borgia often lived in the city.
In Caltanissetta, you can travel endlessly from one town to another, enjoying the splendor of the local nature and architecture. You can always buy a property in the provinces to enjoy the beauty as long as possible.