Real estate in Prato.

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The province of Prato is the smallest province in Tuscany and is located in central Italy. Despite its size, Prato, the administrative center of the region, is the second largest in the region. The province began to exist relatively recently: only in 1993 it became an administrative unit.
Prato's industry began to develop during the Middle Ages and has remained unchanged to this day. Local residents are engaged in the manufacture of goods from textiles, as well as woolen fabrics of the highest quality, which are used in their works by the best fashion designers of our time. Tourists come to the city of Prato to go through boutiques and pick up high-quality and relatively inexpensive clothing and goods.
The province is rich not only in its industrial enterprises, but also in historical and cultural monuments. For all its advantages, Prato is not as popular as its Tuscan neighbors. Nevertheless, this only makes it more pleasant to enjoy the architecture and nature of the region, away from the annoying crowds of foreign tourists. The region is an excellent place to buy real estate due to the unique and inimitable charm of the local area.