How to send a postcard from Italy


Do you send postcards to your friends when you travel? My friends, wherever they are, always send views and I am always aware of which country they are conquering. Yes, now this does not happen so often, many have abandoned this good old tradition, it is easier to throw a photo in WhatsApp. But in vain!

In this article I will share useful tips for those who do not forget their acquaintances on long journeys and are ready to delight with the views of Italy.

Small and large postcards are sold in Italy at every turn, they are not so expensive and you can choose for every taste. And if you walk along the streets of the old city, then in the shops you can find super interesting cards. They, of course, cost a little more, but it's a pleasure to look at them!

But with stamps in Italy, it's not so simple! They can be bought at Tabacchi shops, souvenir shops, in hotel lobbies. The most important thing here is not to be mistaken with the denomination! So find out first what brand at what price you need to get it)))

By the way, the postage stamp in Italian is francobollo. Ask the seller: "Si vendono I francobollo qui?", Which means: "Do you sell postage stamps?" In response, you will be told: "Si" or "No". Here you will immediately understand the answer)))

The postcard was bought, the stamp was pasted, we are looking for a mailbox. There are actually a lot of post boxes in Italy. They are red, large and usually have two slots for letters in Italy and abroad. Be sure to throw the postcard in the right compartment!

Well, that's all, if you did everything right, then your friends and relatives will be very happy with such news from Italy!